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In my somatic practice, I use “talk therapy” like a “regular” therapist, but I also incorporate a specialized, holistic, calming technique called Somatic Experiencing, which is AMAZING for alleviating Anxiety, Stress, Trauma and helps with Pain Management.

I will teach you how to regulate your nervous system to create lasting change so you do not need to be in therapy forever, unless you choose to! It is gentle and incredibly effective. You will learn to trust your body’s innate wisdom and capacity to heal.

This work is amazing for young children and teens who have difficulty talking about things or who suffer from test and social anxiety.

I am certified in Touch Work in which I utilize a nervous system regulation table that brings about change in feeling calmer almost immediately. You will notice a difference after your first session.

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Stacey taught me how to effectively manage my anxiety by doing a few simple techniques wherever and whenever I feel anxious.” – Jennifer, 31

My name is Stacey Starre.
I am an LCSW & Somatic Experiencing Practioner (SEP).
Stacey Starre, LCSW, SEP
 Zoom, Studio City

Watch Stacey’s testimony about how she came to feel calmer through Somatic Therapy.

I too was once
 wrapped up with anxiety…

Listen to my journey
to being anxiety free.