Talk, Touch &
Somatic Therapy

Watch Me Explain How
You Will Feel Calmer

When talk is not enough…

YOU feel anxious, perhaps frozen or panicked.
Anxiety manifests in your body if you do not get help to discharge it. I help your nervous system
to regulate. I’ve helped hundreds out of suffering with my combination of Talk, Touch and Somatic Therapy.

I can help you Feel Calmer…

I offer a complimentary, confidential phone consult. Select a time that works for you.


Stacey taught me how to effectively manage my anxiety by doing a few simple techniques wherever and whenever I feel anxious.” – Jennifer, 31

My name is Stacey Starre.
I am an LCSW & Somatic Experiencing Practioner (SEP).
Stacey Starre, LCSW, SEP
 Zoom, Studio City